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The Star of the Levant

The Star of the Levant

The Star of the Levant

Dear friends readers,

Welcome aboard this book. It will lead you on a journey into space, to a Near-East that is no longer the same it was at the beginning of the 21st century; because it invites you on an escape through time, inside a totally virtual future. You will follow the drawing up of a “report from the future”. This new literary formula borrows its methods of investigation from journalism, and its unlimited freedom of expression from fiction. […]

The encounters related here and the events that led to them have never arisen. Could they happen? […]

Depending on your personal conception of the political and geostrategic prospects of the Near-East and on your temperament – optimistic, pessimistic or realistic – you may hope that these events will take place in the nearest or the most distant future. Or never. But should they take place one day – and why not? – and if later someone asks you how this was possible, you will be able to confidently reply, as is usual in Orient: “It was written!”.

Josquin Barré.
Extracts from Preamble

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