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The Star of the Levant

A geopolitical fiction

In an undetermined future, Armenia, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Turkey are the member States of the Community of the Levant since twelve or so years. Twenty-four experts chosen by the leaders of these twelve countries had secretly prepared its advent. How did they organize, articulate and develop their discussions and solutions? How were their plans defined, and then realized? Why did centuries of violence in the Near-East come to a sudden end in a single night? What have been the consequences?

A “report from the future” to meet actors of this renewal who reveal hitherto confidential facts, and to discover some of the achievements of the Community: its earthquake warning centre in Ani on the border between Turkey and Armenia, its capital city on the Golan Heights, the Aquarius Project and the underground pipework channelling water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea, an ecumenical dialogue centre in the Sinai, etc.

And also an initiatory journey, inviting to wonder about the construction of the European Union.

2nd Edition (2014)
480 pages
Published by BoD GmbH

Soft-cover book:
ISBN: 978-2-32202-771-2
14,9 × 21 cm
Price: 19,50 

Hard-cover book:
ISBN: 978-2-32202-770-5
15,3 × 21,6 cm
Price: 29,50 

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