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The Star of the Levant

A report from the future

Might the solutions for the construction of the European Union be found… in the Near-East?

In an undetermined future, when the events in this story unfold, twelve States, Armenia, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kurdistan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Turkey are associated in the Community of the Levant, created twelve or so years ago.

After decades of conflicts and futile negotiations, the heads of State and governments of these countries realised that only a collective, global, original and radical solution would be effective in bringing back peace to the Near-East. However, the success of this initiative hinged on transcending the traditional approaches of institutional, geopolitical and diplomatic dialogue by developing a concrete socio-economic programme. It would need to be developed with the utmost discretion, shielded from the prying eyes of the Western powers.

In order to define its feasibility and means of implementation, twenty-four experts were chosen for their professional aptitude. Working together for two years on a Turkish island, how did they complete their task? How did they organize, articulate and develop their critically interwoven dialogues, analyses, ideas and solutions? How were their plans defined, and then realised? Why, in a single night, did centuries of violence in the Near-East come to a sudden end? What were the consequences?

To answer all of these questions, a teacher from a school of journalism and two young videoreporters are entrusted with the task of preparing an exclusive report. They interview fifteen members of the group of experts who pioneered this resurrection and who disclose hitherto confidential facts. Other accounts collected over the course of other meetings complete this initiatory journey.

In this part of the world transformed by profound changes in a few years, they discover some of the Community’s great achievements: its capital on the Golan Heights, its earthquake warning centre at Ani on the Turko-Armenian border, its networks of high-speed trains and water and electricity distribution, the headquarters of its integrated Defence Force, the verdant Dead Sea basin into which water from the Red Sea is channelled through the underground pipes of the Aquarius Project, a centre for ecumenical dialogue in the Sinai, etc.

However, could this story also be a parable that tempts one to reflect on the destiny… of the European Union?