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The Star of the Levant

The author

Josquin Barré

Josquin Barré, the son of a painter – Martin Barré – and grandson of an architect from Nantes, fell in the cauldron of culture the day he was born in 1949. This predisposition, usefully complemented by a peripatetic and cosmopolitan education, naturally inclined him towards further education and a career in the tourism industry. He worked in a number of roles including hospitality, and the planning and sale of travel and holiday packages.He then added communication-based jobs to the range of his skills, first as a journalist and then as columnist in the industry’s press.

From 1980, anticipating major changes that would result from the merging of the information technology and telecommunications, he became a consultant in tourismatics (a neologism that he invented) and in the fields of tourism organization, strategy and marketing channels.

A speaker and trainer, he is the author of the methodologicalguide Vendre le tourisme culturel, a benchmark publication for local government executives, cultural heritage managers,project promoters and event organizers.

His “report from the future” The Star of the Levant is the story of twelve Near-Eastern States which have come together to form the Community of the Levant. This geopolitical fiction is also a counter-model of the European Union.